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Opinion formation is the tool available in a democratic society to change the world through democracy, or at least the immediate place. In our case, this includes the municipality, region, or the country of Sweden. It is the tool that best aligns with the idea that EVERYONE should have a voice, and everyone has the right to express themselves through the crucial freedom of speech in Sweden. In short, it is essential that EVERYONE, regardless of how unconventional their opinions and thoughts may be, should be able to express them. It is then the responsibility of the opposing party to respond to these, sometimes unconventional views, in a dignified manner. Speech should be met with speech. Nothing justifies violence, ever.

To have a discussion, to have a dialogue, you must always, always, always have knowledge. Knowledge is acquired by talking to each other, seeking information from newspapers, TV, books, the web, and just about everywhere. Knowledge can be found everywhere, but it must also be evaluated. You must question and make a reasonable judgment of the information you receive.

The material on this page is available for several reasons: to spread a viewpoint, to spark interest in an issue, to disseminate knowledge, and to generate commitment to an issue. We must never forget that we have our commitment to this organization for two different reasons, partly for our own sake, and partly for the sake of our comrades, all according to the principle that alone we are weak, but together we are strong.

Currently, there are three different topics in this thread: AI, Artificial Intelligence, the SOU presented on August 31, 2023, regarding the importance of a medical certificate for sick leave or disability pension, and the new national focus on psychiatry presented on September 1, 2023.

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